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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Principal's Chapel

I would like to take a brief opportunity to express my thoughts on today's chapel service. It was a spiritually uplifting time and I very much felt the Spirit of God among us. The songs were very appropriately chosen and the musical accompaniment that Kitty provided on the piano was a great help. Especially on the last hymn, it added to the power of the message we had just heard. My soul was truly worshipping as I sang.
Ben Inglis' choice from the Valley of Vision was perfect for leading in corporate prayer. I would love to do that again. Ryan Case's reading from Amos was also very good, you can tell that he has had some experience in church worship services! It was a long passage, but my mind (and heart!) was engaged right the way through.
Of course, Dr. Haykin's sermon was also quite good. I thank the Lord that He visited us with power today through the preaching of His Word. What a reminder that by fearing God we need not fear anything or anyone else! Praise the Lord!
Let us all be reminded to pray for our chapel services so that each one is like today's. They are a great opportunity for us, during the week, to keep ourselves grounded in Christian experience. All too often we can become bogged down with our homework, fieldwork, social life, etc. But when God meets us as He did today, we can be refreshed to engage the work that He has called us to do.


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