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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Climbing the Mountain

As we near the end of our second week of classes, the students are beginning to see the mountain of work that lies ahead of them. Over time, students will often question whether climbing this mountain of work is spiritually and pedagogically profitable. With so much material to cover, they can feel as if they are retaining little of it, and merely 'skimming the surface'.

Is there a good reason for demanding so much from students? We must affirm that it is good to make such demands if only to prepare students for the greater demands of ministry. Although the readings and papers required are not the same kind of demands that a pastor may face, the necessity of spiritual disciplines upheld and affections kindled in the face of demands is an appropriate parallel.

For example, does a pastor get an extension for his sermon due on Sunday, simply because he had a couple of late night phone calls that week? Is the pastor excused for his prayerlessness because his ministry is too demanding?

Likewise, students who face the mountain of schoolwork are provided with a spiritual, as well as intellectual challenge. They must fight to keep their hearts warmed in devotion to Christ and his Word, in the midst of a familiarity with these things that tempts them to contempt.

The complaints from students are beginning to come, but the testimonies to God's gracious provision for them will also be coming. Climbing the mountain of schoolwork requires growth in faith, and seminary education is all about such a business.


  • My only complaint so far is that I've been too busy to blog! And I can't even blame my Greek prof for that... :-S

    By Blogger JLF, at 4:53 PM  

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